HALL1 The First Ohi Chozaemon and Senso
The works of the 4th of Senso, the founder of Urasenke style which influenced not only the tea ceremony but also the whole art of the Kaga district, and of the 1st Chozaemon are exhibited in Hall 1.What is concerning craft men and tea ceremony masters, first of all, it essential to mention Rikyu and Chojiro. Till their time, the image of what is good Chinese vessel (Karamono) was that it is shaped by hand and the simple color of the glaze, which was naturally acquired by temperature processing, thus giving it more attractiveness. Senso and Chozaemon invited from Kyoto to Kanazawa by Maeda Tsunanori, the 5th lord of the Kaga clan, overcame just the tea ceremony master and craftsman relation, and together created tea ceremony of Kaga. Ohi Amber, presented by clan Raku, soil of the Ohi street (this street islocated in the east part of Kanazawa and from it Ohi ware takes its name) and collaborative work of 2 person created the basics Ohi ware lasting for approximately 335 years.One of the big achievements was whirlpool design, which gave birth to the tradition of drinking tea of the Kaga district, using tea bouls appropriate to Kaga. One of the masterpieces in this style, which combined excellent skills and was favored by Senso, is "Water container, with handle Ohi amber glaze", made by Ohi Chozaemon . River shrimp swimming in the river flowing near Senso's villa is an object for the nose part of this container, and water waves, which show the river flowing, are inscribed on the body. The form transmits the sole of the tea ceremony beginning since Rikyuu, and through it can be achieved the sense of calmness. The cooperation of those two masters, through there overcoming of just master-apprentice relations, and there personal connection as art men, helped both of them to achieve a higher level of art and opened the way to linkage of the tea ceremony with pottery art, transmitting the sole and calmness of Kanazawa (Kaga).
大樋釉茶盌 銘「聖」
Tea Bowl,Known as "Hijiri"Ohi amber glaze,
made by Ohi Chozaemon I

Water Container,with handle Ohi amber glaze,
made by Ohi ChozaemonⅠ
初代長左衛門の水指には、変化に富んだ器形のものが比較的多く、この水指形の水指も初代独特の器形である。胴の一方には太い注口をつけ、平らな肩には太い把手をもうけている。胴や肩には波状の箆目がめぐり、共蓋の撮みには大樋焼によく用いる海老を装飾的につけている。底を除いて、透明感のある飴釉が厚くかかり釉はなめらかによく溶けている。内箱の蓋裏には江戸中期の加賀の湯川一井庵が「宗室上京の砌、吾をシタハンにハ、此水さしを見よかし、予も又汝をなつかしく思ハン時は、是をみるへしと、今一ツをいへつとにせられし由、元祖長左衛門申遣せしと 四代目勘兵衛が物語にまかせて記 一井庵不言斎(花押)」と、この水指のいわれを記している。

Crow Incense Burner
made by Ohi ChozaemonⅠ

HALL2  From the Generation to the Next
The history of Ohi Ware , which continues from the 2nd till the present 10th generation, is exhibited in the hall 2. Generally, the amber glaze is used to define Ohiyaki, but its color is subtly different from generation to generation. The preparation of amber glaze is particular to each generation. Certainly, the main reason of that is the changing of generations, but also, it is said, that the proportion of components for preparation was lost. Just copying works of the first generation does not mean that generation will succeede. It can be said that the originality of each generation is the very thing, which made it possible for Ohi Ware to pass through its approximately 335 years history.The amber glaze is not left to the next generation, but the clay remains. Because the clay, which was just dug out, lacks viscosity, in order to improve it and in order for the future generation to use it, the clay is courteously cleared out of stones and then is returned to nature. To continue the history is not teaching of technique by holding ones hand, it means the teaching beauty by showing works of art. This can be demonstrated with the "Hyakumangoku" of the 5th generation's black tea bowl. In this case the technique of black glaze, which was invented in the 4th generation, was developed farther and, a new style of 5th generation was founded. It is beautiful, pleasant to touch and drink from it. Ohi Ware combined all necessary elements for tea bowl, and above that all is dynamic and delicate to time, possesses various techniques, what is the very history of Ohiyaki.This exhibition hall introduces not only ceramics, but also the art in a wider meaning. Next to this Hall is a lecture hall, used for education and lecture meetings and can be used for exhibiting works of art with the 3rd hall.
飴釉茶盌 銘 金城霊沢
made by Ohi Chozaemon II
軽妙な作振りの茶盌。口辺りから裾にむかって広がり、削り出された高台の畳付は狭く、内に兜巾がみられる。胴には細かく縦箆がまわり、面取風な箆目もみられる。全体に赤味がかかった細い飴釉がかかっている。金沢の地名に由来する「金城霊沢」の銘がつけられている。箱蓋裏には武者小路千家4世直斎が「大樋焼 赤 宗守(花押)」と墨書している

Turtle-shaped lncense Burner,Ohi amber glaza,
Made by Ohi Chozaemon Ⅷ
子亀の部分を火舎としている大香炉。大亀の造りはいかにも力強く、八代長左衛門の技が窺われる。総体に極めて薄く飴釉がかけられている。共蓋の蓋裏に「大亀 香炉 八代大樋宗春 印」と記されている

HALL3  The people related with Ohi
The bulk of Ohi Ware produced till the 9th generation is ceramics used primarily for the tea ceremony, but the 10th generation did not stop on that and started to combine traditional proceses with modern forms, philosophies and contemporary mediums. There are many art masters who was also doing this. For example, Hounsai Oiemoto, tea master of the 15th Urasenke, the master of ikebana Teshigawara Hiroshi, the former chief of temple Todaiji Nakagawa Shimizu Koshiyo and the artist Nakagawa Kazumasa - all embraced the combination of old and new.The works of the 10th Chozaemon and works of various people related to the history of Ohi Ware, represented through pictures, calligraphy, works made in various craftshops and so on are the works displayed in this hall.Ohi Ware is not just ceramics for the tea ceremony, made using the amber glaze, it is the world created by each generation. For example, the vessel "Rising", that was made by the 10th Chozaemon in the Ohi Mishima Style, received the Japan Art Academy Award. This work is unique in that is truly embraced the traditional tea ceremony style yet pushed the boundaries into producing truly modern art and this was something that had never been done before. In the future we are going to continue to introduce Ohi Ware which combine the tradition of the past generations with the philosophies and ideas of today.
黒釉鶴の絵茶盌 加山又造、
Tea Bowl,with crane design,black glaze
Made by 10th Ohi Chozaemon

Inlaid Design and Ohi Mishima Style Vessel,
"Riseing" Received Japan Art Academy Award,
Collection of Japan Art Academy,
Made by 10th Ohi Chozaemon